Introducing Enterprise Live

Stream your largest events with less bandwidth.


Workplace gives you the power to get connected across both small companies and global enterprises, and the value for businesses is considerable. According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Workplace can reduce leadership communication costs by 25% and can reduce the time for frontline workers to receive information by 34%. All of this means you can make decisions faster, keep frontline workers better informed, and improve communication across your organization.

One of Workplace’s most powerful features, Live, lets you stream company events such as Executive Q&As and Company All-Hands to your entire organization. Live gives organizations the ability to broadcast events across locations, reaching everyone from the company headquarters to remote workers to the frontline

But in large enterprise environments, bandwidth can become a challenge. When many users are watching the same stream, Live can saturate the network. That’s why Workplace launched Enterprise Live.

What is the Enterprise Live?

What is Enterprise Live?

Enterprise Live is a peer-to-peer version of Live. It allows multiple users to watch the same stream while using less bandwidth. Enterprise Live delivers the same high quality of video streaming; the more audience, the faster the speed. All this with no additional setup required.

How can I get Enterprise Live

How can I get Enterprise Live?

Enterprise Live is available as an optional add-on to your Core Workplace package. This add-on is available for $2 per user, per month. For more information on Workplace plans and pricing visit the Pricing page, or click here to connect with a sales representative.

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