What's New in Workplace?
August 2021

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

The star of the show this month is our investment in Workplace Security. We announced several new mobile security features and launched our new Workplace Security Whitepaper and Workplace Security Guide. Read on for more details.

Mobile Security Features

Maintain Control of Sensitve Information With Mobile Security

We are proud to offer several new mobile security features on Workplace which will be available to all customers by early August. Keep important information shared on Workplace secure by enabling new data loss prevention (DLP) features on personal and corporate managed mobile devices. Protect sensitive information from being shared outside of the Workplace app by enabling block copy/paste, block screenshots, and block downloads. Ensure the right people are accessing your Workplace through App Lock, a biometric re-authentication challenge (FaceID, TouchID) when a user opens the Workplace app after a period of inactivity.

Admins are in control of which restrictions are applied to which audience through the Mobile Security tab in the Admin Panel. These features also integrate with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to protect corporate managed devices. Mobile Security for Workplace Chat is coming soon.

Read our Admin Guide to learn more about keeping your sensitive information safe with Mobile Security. Learn more about how Workplace integrates with your MDM provider by visiting our Technical Resource Center.

Mobile Security page of the Admin Panel including the option to add new rules

Insights Improvements

New data filters for Insights

We are making the Insights panel easier to use. We have added filters that allow you to select data based on custom time ranges or profile fields as well as new sorting capabilities in tables. We are also refreshing some content and definitions we provide in Insights while keeping data intact so it’s easier to understand the data you are looking at. To find out more about these changes, visit the Help Center.

New Insights activity filters

Profile Field Anonymization

Better control for deactivated profiles

We are now giving you more control over deactivated accounts so you have options when employees leave your company. You now now have two options for removing deactivated user data: Delete User or Remove Profile Fields. Deleting users permanently deletes deactivated claimed accounts. Deleting a user removes all of the user’s posts, comments, and messages, too. Alternatively, you can now Remove Profile Fields. This option keeps the deactivated user's posts, comments, and messages, but removes their name and other profile fields.

New People page with option to remove profile information

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