The New Rules of Engagement Resource Hub

Use these resources to help turn hybrid teams into high-performing teams, and make sure your business is ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape.

Connect your hybrid teams with Live video

Fast-moving organizations are gaining a headstart by using Live video to connect and engage their hybrid teams. But it’s not too late to catch up.

Toolkit: How to Engage Hybrid Teams with Live Video

Toolkit / 10-min read

Learn how to spark engagement with hybrid teams by livestreaming company events or department-wide meetings on Workplace. And check out the demo to see Live video in action.

How 9 Companies Keep Their Hybrid Workforce Connected

Ebook / 8-min read

Explore how top companies like Telefónica and AstraZeneca are using Live video to connect and engage their hybrid teams.

IDC Technology Spotlight

Ebook / 8-min read

Workplace is a great way to engage your hybrid teams while integrating with the business tools people already use. Check out the IDC Tech Spotlight to learn more.

Transforming the employee experience

Discover how to create a winning employee experience strategy for your hybrid workforce with Dan Schawbel, NYTimes best-selling author Managing Partner of HR advisors Workplace Intelligence.

Connect and engage your hybrid teams

Following the new rules of engagement to transform Employee Experience can help businesses create high-performing hybrid teams by empowering leaders to communicate more efficiently, build community and invest in wellbeing. Read the guide to discover how you can get started.

Real stories, real results

How does an efficient communications platform help you reach and engage hybrid workers, build community and promote wellness? These companies have the answers.

Delta Air Lines

Catherine Simmons, Senior Manager, Internal Social Media & Channel Strategy

When Delta Air Lines’ diverse employee base asked for more authentic leadership conversations, their CEO responded by going Live every week. Learn more about the impact on performance and morale.


Dev Sarkar, Vice President, Group Head of Internal Communications

Discover how regular Live video sessions helped leaders at this global food provider support wellbeing while keeping 87,000 full time, seasonal and contract employees in the loop during the pandemic.

Forward-thinking companies are already using Workplace to connect their teams

Nestlé uses Workplace from Meta
Petrobras uses Workplace from Meta
AstraZeneca uses Workplace from Meta
Telefonica uses Workplace from Meta
StanleyBlackDecker uses Workplace from Meta
Estée Lauder uses Workplace from Meta
NAB uses Workplace from Meta
Petco uses Workplace from Meta
MercadoLibre uses Workplace from Meta
Virgin Atlantic uses Workplace from Meta
Lixil uses Workplace from Meta
MoneyPenny uses Workplace from Meta